“In a carefully arranged space, Höglund invited visitors to take a place on a natural-coloured carpet, stretching out on the floor or sitting on a low, wooden bench designed by the artist, the top surface of which was a mirror that reflected trees and air, time and again reframing our perception of the outside world in a multifaceted manner. It was an on-point gesture in which Höglund showed sovereign ability to play with the mental space of the visitor. While in the exhibition space, the visitor heard parts of a sound recording of more than two hours in length, of the journey of a suitcase being flown from Copenhagen to Amsterdam. Höglund succeeded in taking the viewer to a space that exists both internally and very far away -  producing a heightened concentration on the experience of the moment itself. The migratory act of the source, the “target” and the output all seem to coalesce in this piece, inviting the mind to migrate with transcendent"